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Train Stop Collar "Boho Green"

Designer: Boho Kollektion

€28,90 EUR
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nature time,

Bright emerald green with accents of pink and yellow, what a summer dream. Especially on reddish fur, this color is a real eye-catcher and shines like the sun. The fabric is nice and soft and feels great in the hand. Decide on this hippie dream and get a piece of vacation into everyday life :)

Particularly suitable for sighthounds, galgos and Co. because they are wide and light.

ATTENTION: If you want the collar in a different width, just write to us before ordering!

Please keep in mind that your width selection will match the length of your dog's neck so it will not be constrained and gold is always a little heavier than rose gold and silver because it is brass, but only slightly.

Have fun browsing and discovering and if you have any questions, please contact us, we're happy to help!

With the robust webbing there is a high stability.

Naturally high wearing comfort.
This collar is very comfortable to wear. You can choose between rose gold and silver.

The pendants and tassels may vary!

Choose this boho eye-catcher!

Image L (3cm)


Extra Small XS
Size 15-20 cm - width 1.5 cm
Weight 32 grams
Suitable for eg Mini Chihuahua, Teacup dogs, small breed puppies

Small S

Size 20-30 cm - width 1.5 cm
Weight 35 grams
Suitable for e.g. Yorkshire, Maltese, Chihuahua

Medium M
Size 25-35 cm - width 2 cm
weight 50 grams
Suitable for e.g. Jack Russel, West Highland, Pug

Large L
Size 34-45 cm - width 3 cm
Weight 100 grams
Suitable for e.g. Beagle, Australia Shepherd, German Shepherd, Border Collie, Cocker

Extra Large XL
Size 45-60 cm - width 3 cm
Weight 150 grams
Suitable for e.g. Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians, Weimaraners

Small S
Width: 1.5cm
Neck: 24 - 36 cm
Belly: 28 - 45 cm
Back bridge: 8 cm
Belly bar: 11 - 14 cm

Medium M
Width: 2cm
Neck: 32 - 45 cm
Belly: 37 - 64 cm
Back bridge: 10 cm
Belly bar: 14 - 20 cm

Large L
Width: 3 cm
Neck: 39 - 64 cm
Belly: 52 - 89 cm
Back bridge: 15 cm
Belly bar: 19 - 28 cm

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