about us


Pellina is a manufactory for unusual dog accessories in the Ibiza boho style.

The name "Pellina" came from a simple but beautiful story. My name is "Janina" and my dog's name is "Pelle", which is where Pellina came from. To me, this symbolizes the love for my dog ​​combined with the love for my creativity. "PELLINA just". We manufacture all products in our workshop in Norderstedt and guarantee excellent quality. All of our products are made using only the best materials, so our fabrics are made from 100% cotton and are Oeko-Tex certified (highest textile standard). Our hardware is purchased from outstanding producers. In addition to imaginative designs and additional cute details, quality is very important to us and we are constantly working to make the products just that little bit better. We want you to enjoy our products and dare to be colourful, because we want to make the world of dogs colourful!

We hope that you enjoy your walk and that you spread joy to other people through the products. Lightness, friendliness and exceptionality are our mission!

About me

My name is Janina, I'm 40 years old and come from Norderstedt. Before starting Pellina I had many jobs. In administration, disposition but also in quality management in different companies, but these were always just jobs, but that didn't make me happy. In 2014 I founded a dog kindergarten in Norderstedt for small dogs, the system worked like in a normal kindergarten, only with dogs. It was a great job but also a tough one. Working hours from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in wind and weather really demanded everything from me in the cold season. Years went by, dogs came and went and I found that it just didn't fulfill me. I've always been very creative, I've restored furniture, painted pictures, made handicrafts and always sewn. Now it made sense for me to venture into the dog world and let my creativity run free. What can I say, I loved it...

the design ideas bubbled out of me and I lived out my passion in my free time. At some point I thought why not sell it on the internet and lo and behold, it started slowly. During the day the dog kindergarten and at night, make dog collars to order. It just got bigger and bigger and really pushed me to the absolute edge of my strength. If I hadn't had my firm belief in God at the time and knew that he stood by PELLINA, I would have given up because I just couldn't take it anymore. At that point I decided to close the dog daycare center and completely focus on PELLINA. I can tell you it wasn't always easy, I had a lot of setbacks, not every month went well but I never stopped dreaming my dream and holding on to my faith. More and more dealers came along and wanted to sell my things and I often felt like I was in seventh heaven, but when you decide to found a company, the first time is just hard, I thought about whether everything was right and often thought that it doesn't go on HERE but I persevered because I had and still have a dream. Our company is growing, is on solid ground and I am very happy that I stuck to my dream, was persistent and trusted that it would succeed!