My name is Janina Goebelshagen and I am a designer. Fashion has always been a great love for me. Fancy cuts, great patterns and every color you can imagine...I love it! I love dogs just as much and that's how the idea of ​​creating fashion for dogs came about. It should be of high quality, wearable and absolutely colorful and unusual. This is how PELLINA came into being in my head and I fell more and more in love with the idea of ​​making the dog world colorful. I now design my fabrics myself, because I can't find them anywhere as they are in my head. I've always been different from the crowd, I wanted to express myself and be loyal to what I love. I love being free and letting my creativity run free. Quality is very important to me, so I only work with high-quality fabrics that feel good in the hand. I love my dog ​​and want only the best for him. This is still one of the most important criteria for my choice of fabric. I want to make the dog world colorful with you and I want to encourage you to just do what you love. Are you in?


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